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Today is a remarkable moment in my adventure/challenge to become a developer. I remade my portfolio, which by the way it’s crazy how nowadays everything I decide to do involves 20 + hours of coding, I don’t think it is a negative thing it only shows how many things involve creating a site or Web App from scratch.

The Journey

I started coding last year around September and I picked up a lot of steam around November, I remember i coded around 70 hours in December and January which for me it was something new and challenging because I have to juggle my coding routine with work/wife and a nocturne civil engineering college. How do I do it? simple stop doing everything you used to do for entertainment and substitute that for coding time.

But Why is this a remarkable point for me?
Well because I am proud, honestly the track to this point was long and hard. When I started i knew absolutely zero, not even HTML, at the beginning of last year if someone asked me to write a site with a header and a paragraph body i wouldn’t even know where to go. Now I know not only how to make static pages but also develop dynamic Web Sites/Apps that interact with the user with an API (which I also know how to develop). Now I feel like i can build anything.

My Portfolio is a showcase of that. It is a single web page build with ReactJs. It has a send message API which uses NodeMailer to send the messages i receive directly to my personal email. The most interesting part is that last year i couldn’t develop anything without a tutorial . Today I do everything alone or by reading documentation, I think this is what professionalism is, it is the ability to create things based on the documentation of other professionals.

All of this was impulsed by the communities i surrounded myself with. FreeCodeCamp and Chingu Cohort played a critical role in my progress. Sometimes i stayed quite and didn’t say anything but i have always been following the others posts which helped me not only solve some issues but also get motivated, this is also the motivation of this post, i felt extremely motivated and helped by the things i read on FreeCodeCamp and in the Cohort therefore i though i had to give a little back and write this post.

Well here is the link to my new Portfolio , check it out and leave some comments.

Links to FCC and Chingu Cohorts:

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