Your Mind Power.

Comparison is inevitable, you have done it before. Look at your High School friend, your coworker or even your cousin, they look way more successful than you, they are lucky. Most look for excuses, don’t be that person, learn to understand your true impediments by searching within yourself, mainly your mind.

What stops an ordinary man from hiking mountain Everest is his mind, humanly we all are capable, but our mind resilience is different.

Our mind is the biggest limiter of what we do, the decision to what extent we can go is set by our mind. Any one can hike a mountain, but some can’t only because they don’t have resilience in their mind to overcome the pain. Humanly capable everyone is, the mind is the only difference between one who does and one who does not.

Albert Einstein was different not because of his brilliancy, but because he was capable to never give up on his thoughts. Most people constantly give up too quickly, they judge themselves not capable just because they do not have enough resilience and determination to continue to seek for a solution.

Do what you don’t want to do and break free from yourself.

Humans are capable of amazing things, however, their biggest barrier is themselves, mainly their minds. One must challenge himself to continually push past the barrier of ones mind.

Software Engineer - Head Of Vetting At G2i

Software Engineer - Head Of Vetting At G2i